In which Cantons does La Boîte O Services operate?
La Boîte O Services operates principally in the Cantons of Vaud and Geneva. However, if you live outside these Cantons, we are able to cover other areas on request.

How are our operators for the home recruited?

La Boîte O Services carries out a rigorous recruitment procedure to assure you of a professional service. We conduct individual interviews with each eligible individual after they have sent us their personal details and CV. At the time of this meeting, we verify their qualifications, experience, motivation and seriousness. As a result of this selection process, La Boîte O Services presents to you professional operators worthy of your trust. They will carry out your wishes whilst respecting your private life.

How are our Service Provider Partners selected?

In accordance with the kind of services required, a partner company may carry out the operation. As with our personal operators, our Service Provider Partners are meticulously selected to ensure a service of quality and professionalism.

Who is the employer of the operator?

La Boîte O Service is the employer of the operators for the home. If you decide to call upon our services you don’t have to worry about recruitment and employment procedures!

How do we invoice you for our services?

La Boîte O Services sends you a monthly invoice detailing the actual hours of service carried out and secondary charges (kilometric and other additional costs). You can equally opt for our fixed price, prepayments of 60, 40, or 20 hours at preferential rates. Our different services are charged out in blocks of 15 minutes.

Does the hourly rate include the cost of dry cleaning or manicure?

No, the charges inherent of the task asked for (for example dry cleaning, various kinds of shopping, hairdressing, massage etc ..) are NOT included in the hourly rate. They are added to the required service as are other costs incurred by La Boîte O Services. In certain cases, we may advance the costs and ask for repayment later by invoice. In the opposite case, the charges are payable in cash upon the execution of the service.

How do I book a service?

You can book our services by calling us on 0800 00 44 33 from Monday to Friday from 8h to 18h or by leaving a message on the answering machine. You can as well contact us via our contact page or by sending us an email to the following address: . We will get back to you within 48 hours in order to plan as quickly as possible the service you require.

Is there a minimum duration for an operation at home?

Yes , we ask that our operators are at your home for a minimum of ONE hour.

How does an operation take place?

Our operators present themselves directly at your home at the time and date you requested with a time sheet detailing your needs. On arrival and departure, they will clock-in and clock-out so you are assured transparency in the number of hours of work carried out.

Do I have to leave my keys with La Boite O Services?

Depending upon the type of service required, we may have need to enter your home in your absence. In this case, we will ask you to leave a set of keys with us for which we will obviously give you a receipt. We will list and label your keys and keep them in a secure place.

Is it always the same individual who operates at my home?

Yes, as far as possible, we place at your disposition a person dedicated to you. In this way, La Boîte O Services can guarantee you a continuity in the quality of our services. This equally promotes a relationship of trust between yourself and the operator.

What happens if my operator is sick or on leave?

In the case of foreseen or unforeseen absenteeism, we are committed to provide you with the service you have asked for. As such, a professional and competent replacement will be found in as short a time as possible to respond to your needs.

If the operator does not suit me, is it possible to replace them?

Yes, we will appoint a new operator who responds to your wishes to carry out your tasks.

What happens if the operator damages or breaks something?

La Boîte O Services is insured against damages caused by our operator while carrying out services at your home.

How much time do I have to give in advance to cancel an operation?

An operation can be cancelled up to 48 hours in advance by telephoning 0800 00 44 33. If need be, La Boîte O Services reserves the right to invoice for an operation as if it had taken place.picto_questions